Ball of Sunshine

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I just had to temporarily get out of my hiatus to post this review of SUNSHINE EP Album.

Trisha Denise’s recently released debut album aptly called Sunshine is not just an ordinary album. It is a celebration of love, hope and life. It somehow makes you realize that despite all life’s challenges and hardships, it is still very much worthy to be alive and to be breathing.

It was apparent that the album was a labor of love. You could feel Trisha’s passion to use her gift of music to inspire and uplift people, especially those who are feeling that the world has already crumbled around them or those feeling that they are already at the end of their journey. You could feel her genuine desire to empower those who are feeling powerless, to give hope to those who are already losing hope and to let other people feel that they, too, can also have freedom from everything that is weighing them down.

What is remarkable about this budding singer/songwriter is her courage to share her life stories with the purpose of inspiring people. When I first learned about her, I started listening to her songs on YouTube – her own compositions and even her covers. I instantly liked “Sunshine” because of the strong message of hope, courage and strength it imparts. My interest in her music grew stronger until I saw One Music’s Be Discovered video featuring her. That video was such a delight. I found myself in a rollercoaster of emotions as I listened to her songs/compositions and the stories/inspirations behind them. I found myself smiling while listening to her upbeat songs and crying uncontrollably – yung tahimik lang, yung iyak na nakakagaan ng damdamin – especially when I heard the story behind her song “Tanging Ikaw Lang Ang Kailangan” and when she was actually singing it. I felt the connection. It was as if I was in her shoes. Memories came flashing back. I was crying but at the same time I was smiling, grateful and thinking of how good our Lord is. I realized then that Trisha has this ability to convey her emotions through her music and to make you feel what she feels. Napapasok niya ang puso’t kaluluwa ko at, sa tingin ko, lahat ng mga taong totoong makikinig sa kanya. I already believed from that time on that she will be a great singer/songwriter sooner or later.

A milestone in Trisha’s career happened on February 3, 2018: Sunshine EP Album Launch. Even before actually going to that event, I was just expecting her to sing the songs in her album. I was pleasantly surprised when she sang, while playing the guitar, 11 songs and a medley of Ed Sheeran songs, that is if I counted them right. How cool was that? Each song has a story and an inspiration behind it and was introduced extensively and passionately, which I appreciated a lot. The surprises didn’t end there, because we were also treated to 2 songs each from Timmy Pavino, Sam Mangubat and Jason Dy. Moreover, the ambience of the venue – D’ Cup Coffee Republic – was superb. It was very soulful, relaxing and tranquil which was very appropriate to the kind of music Trisha has to offer. Grabe lang talaga, pati medyo upbeat na mga awitin, nakakarelax! I honestly think that it felt more like it was a mini concert than it was an album launch. To make a long story short, we were not shortchanged. She gave more than what we all expected, which I think just reflected what Trisha is as a person – loving, giving and selfless.

Trisha’s debut EP album consists of 5 songs, including a bonus track, Both Sides, which she sang with Jason Dy. It was around 4 months ago when I was informed that she was already in the process of finishing her album and that there’s an advocacy behind it: Anti-bullying or somehow curbing the effects of bullying to a person’s well-being. I sincerely think that this advocacy is very commendable as it is very timely. Nakakabilib, di ba? Singers her age would usually write about love and heartaches. Tapos, heto siya, nagbibigay ng pag-asa at inspirasyon gamit ang kanyang mga awitin. If you know her story, you’d understand why.

Trisha was a victim of bullying herself, which even brought her to the brink of thinking that ending her life was the only answer. It was a blessing that the moment she was about to do it, God performed His miracle. Another testament to God’s perfect timing! I believe He is all smiles right now because this young lady who was once hopeless is already the one giving hope to others by using her past hurts to create really beautiful and inspiring songs. This is very obvious in this album. I Don’t Even Know, Balewala, Mahalaga and Sunshine are all well written and the way she sang them was akin to her giving you a heart-to-heart talk. Yung tipong kung papakinggan mo yung mga awitin niya, parang pakiramdam mong hinding-hindi ka na kailan pa man mag-iisa. To better understand what I am talking about, please do yourself a favor and grab a physical copy of her debut album. Just message her on her social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@iamtrishadenise) and YouTube ( You can also download her songs online or check them on Spotify.

My personal favorites in her album are Sunshine and Mahalaga. I already said why I like the former, plus the fact that it was the first song I watched on YouTube that drew me to Trisha Denise’s songs and made me realize that she is a talented and promising singer/songwriter. I really love Mahalaga, her album’s carrier single. Unang dalawang linya pa lang, nabihag na ang damdamin ko, kasi totoong nangyayari. Hurt people hurt people. But this should not be the case. We can overcome this by finding our worth deep within ourselves. Ika nga ni Trisha sa kanyang introduction sa awiting ito, kapag alam mong MAHAL at ALAGA ka, alam mong MAHALAGA ka. It’s a really great song for self-empowerment. Nakaka-LSS din!!! In all honesty, I still find myself singing it every now and then, and many times, upon waking up. Minsan, natatawa na lang talaga ako sa sarili ko.

Overall, Trisha Denise’s Sunshine EP Album is worth listening to. In fact, I highly recommend it. It will surely be a nice gift to yourself, to your friends or to your growing children, most especially those who are going through a rough phase in life.

Congratulations, Trisha Denise! You sincerely deserve a pat in the back for a job well done. I believe, with a little bit more confidence, you will definitely make your own mark in the Music Industry. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for being such a ball of sunshine. Thank you for sharing your gift of music. Thank you for being a blessing. The memories of your album launch will always hold a special place in my heart. Here’s to more beautiful songs/compositions! Till next time.

Taken from a Facebook post by Irynn Quennie Uy