10 Sunshiny Reasons

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The SUNSHINE EP Launch: A Review

On Feb 3, Trisha Denise launched and showcased not only her very first EP and her wonderful talent, but also her colorful story. I highly recommend this album. Here are ten reasons why.

1. I have known this girl since she was a little girl. Now she’s a lady! But that’s not why! Hanubayan! I came there not as someone who wants to support her parents who are dear friends of mine (though ganun na rin) but as someone who knows the talent and capabilities of this young lady. I have heard her sing when she was a child. Along the way, as she continued to grow and bloom, she has become sunshine herself. Yes po, ito nga ang unang rason! Pagbigyan nyo na ko.

2. The ART. Like the art as in yung art sa album – yung painting bilang design ng album. When I first saw that album cover, I liked it right away. Trisha’s portrait was great and the flowers seemed to blow me away. Ahem… But you’ll know right away what I mean if you know what I mean, since the title itself suggests “sunshine”. These things I cant help but notice and I hope you can relate! Well, I could go on internalizing the whole design, pero see through it and there’s definitely a story conveyed even in the pages of the album’s lyrics. In short, swakto! Galing! Kudos to the artist!

3. The Voice. MAHALAGA has already been released in spotify and other online stores prior to the launching of the EP. However, I havent heard it yet. Though I knew some of the songs Trisha has written for other artists, I knew not a single ounce how her album would sound like. To be honest, I had no idea how the event would turn out when I went there. Aha! Yun ang maganda dun! Na-sorpresa ako! Why? Although Im familiar with Trisha’s voice, this was the first time Id see her perform. And Man! I felt like a super proud old Tita! She’s great! Meaning, she has the voice that can serenade and make you relax, chillax to the max and at the same time trigger excitement, joy, sometimes sadness (yung may kurot sa puso minsan) and hope. That’s how I saw Cristina Aguilera way back in the 90s when some people said she was boring. (Dont ask how young I am okay!) What Im saying is – Trisha’s touching voice is sweet, certain and loud and I mean it literally and connotatively.

4. Strings Attached. Okay so this singer can play an instrument. And she likes Ed Sheeran. Suffice to say she’s like Barbie Almalbis or Acel Bisa; but she could be Eli Buendia or Ka Freddie; but not really! What do they all have in common? “Guitar” right! Some people have this notion that a singer who plays an instrument is oh so astig! Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But playing the guitar or not wont make Trisha less as an artist because she indeed is an artist and a talented one in that regard. Im stating my own personal fact that seeing an artist play an instrument helps me see their music in a different light. The way she sang the song she wrote Teka Muna Pag-ibig while playing the guitar sounded impossibly different than the version of Janella who commercially released the song. (This is in no way to say I don’t like Janella’s version bec it’s great.) This is the same case as that of Ed Sheeran singing Love Yourself vs Bieber’s version. Isnt it wonderful how at times listeners get treated to this kind of magic – perspectives.

5. Writing. One string attached to the incredible talent vis-a-vis the voice – is the songwriting skill of Trisha. Grabe lang. While I was listening to her perform the songs from the album and the songs she wrote for other artists, I couldnt help but think about Michelle Branch and syempre si Mariah. That’s why Im proud of Trish. I respect singers with the incredible talent of singing but I also have high regards for those behind the music and lyrics of their songs. Much more am I amazed and in awe when the singer is the one who wrote the song. Salute! I salute you Trisha! Praise God for the talents He gave you and the strings of other skills attached to it.

6. Lyrics. If you are a critical person like me…. Wait lang… ulit… If you are the type who appreciate constructive criticism or comfortable giving one when it comes to lyrics, then apir tayo! Buy the Ep and be treated to highly sensible lyrics. Btw, I dont see those as just lyrics. It’s like storytelling. In the same manner that Trisha’s way of singing is sweet, comforting, relaxing, and storytelling, her lyrics will give you a sense of proportion and substance. Every once in a while (or worse), you hear songs with good melodies but wished the lyrics could have been more impactful. (Pls don’t get me started with the list! It’s disappointing!) This is why you can add to your playlist some music that will make you approve the story and the words without questioning the writer and the intent. If you haven’t yet, go buy the album!

7. Performance. When I say performance, it’s how the artist is able to personalize the song regardless of the author of that song! Performance for me is how the artist owns that song on stage with or without an instrument, with or without choreography. When I say performance, I need to be part of the emotional cycle of the song. This might be a brutal fact but it’s worth mentioning: some singers can belt high notes and you’ll love their EPs, however when they perform you’d rather just stick to the recorded materials. That is S.A.D. As much as I love Avryl Lavigne, Id rather not see her in concert. I’ve seen Cueshe once, but that’s the first and last time. As much as I love their music, I cannot define their performace and if I see them again live, I’d only feel cheated. On the other hand, there are artists who lack the “voice”, I mean they can sing but they’re not exceptional, but they will target and ignite your emotions, visual awareness, and/or energy when they perform. They will include you (the audience) and make you part of it all on stage. You only need your eyes and ears, the heart will follow. Madonna, Tay-tay, Britney, RIGHT? My respect for them is intact! But most of all, I love it when an artist can do both – sing and perform. It is B.L.I.S.S. I mentioned I haven’t heard even Mahalaga when I went to the Sunshine EP launch right? So I heard the album live first before I got to hear the EP itself. Have you ever experienced hearing a song live, say by Josh Groban, and loved it, only to hear the recorded song and get confused what you love more between the two? Bec when you heard and saw the performance, the singer touched you, and when you heard the recorded material, the feeling is the same! That’s what happened to me when I went to see the Sunshine EP launch! All Im saying is you can rest assured that, if you listen to the album you can expect the same when you see Trisha perform! Same quality of voice, same depth of emotions. Basta the feeling would be mutual! Gets?

8. Inexperienced experienced. I remember the host of the show when she said “Asan tayo noong 11 years old tayo? Ako nasa labas nagtatatakbo.” I know right? But at 11, this girl had been writing songs! She’s now 21. And before that night, she had songs written for others. Though this is her debut, shes not “young” in the craft! So don’t worry, you’re in good hands! Gets?

9. Advocacy. Although I knew about the story behind this lady’s suicide attempt years back, hearing it straight from her was different. May kurot sa dibdib. Parang ganun. At the same time my heart was rejoicing because she was there in front testifying about the goodness of the Lord. How many artists are there writing songs with the intent of having a wonderful story be heard? How many artists are there who write songs because they are advocating something that is worth fighting for? When I say how many artists, I mean those whose music are not marked “religious” or “worship” regardless of their faith. Do they call it “secular music”?Anyways.. Allow me to mention Linkin Park whose songs vis-a-vis charities go hand in hand in changing lives. Allow me to mention Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, whose advocacies include anti-cancer and environmental campaigns. There are others but these two are my faves. Now I have my 3rd fave – Trisha Denise and anti-bullying campaign. So if you buy the album, you are also rallying against bullying that causes depression (an issue close to my heart) and worst – suicide. But dont worry, the music is worth it!

10. Treats. Okay, so there was unli-coffee but I didnt get to drink much bec I was hooked by the performaces. I dont think I was the only one though! Thanks for the treat of having Timmy Pavino, Sam Mangubat, and ahem surprise surprise…Jason Dy! Galing galing nila! Para narin ako nanood ng The Voice pero this time live talaga! Ansayasaya for someone like me who doesnt watch telly! Sayang lang hiyang hiya talaga ako magpa selfie kay Jason Dy! Hashtag regrets! lol. Worth mentioning as well is the venue – D’ Cup Coffee Republic. The ambiance is great, so as the food!

So there… I loved and enjoyed the show. That means Im looking forward to seeing more shows soon. And I love the Sunshine Ep. And opcors I super love the artist Trisha Denise! I am a #trishanatic
P.S. Pls get a copy of Sunshine or download it online or check it on spotify. Watch out for more of Trisha Denise soon!

Article taken from a Facebook post by Azir Galac Gamboa